Tyler Soncrainte

About Tyler

Age: 18

Education/Grade: College Freshmen

School: Oakland Community College

Interested in music since the age of: since I can remember

What kind of music: Rock, country, blues and anything beachy

Why: They have always just been soothing to my ears.

Are you in a band: yes, I play music with my Dad and the Bass player from his other band

How many songs do you know/play: many

How many original songs have you written: 10

Where do you sing: Mainly venues around Waterford Mi

Do you play an instrument: yes

How many: 4

What kind: Guitar, Ukulele, Piano and drums

Do you compose music: yes

Other interests: Hockey, Agriculture, nature, and outdoor activities.

Any pets: I have one dog named Jaz

What’s coming up in next 6 months: Christmas Album and Harvest happening.

In the next 5 years I plan to: Get a college degree as well as pursue music.