Marcell Whitfield

About Marcell

Age: 21 ( I will Be when this comes out)

Education/grade: 3 year college student

School: Western Michigan University

Interested in music since the age of: 3 years old

What kind of music: R&B , POP, classical , soul

Why: I love R&B because it’s one of the only genres where I can really get lost in the story that’s being told, pop because I LOVE MARIAH CAREY and that’s just that. Classical because it is the root of all music and the reason why other genres exist. Soul because it helps me relax.

Are you in a band: no

How many songs do you know/play: I know way to many songs to even count

How many original songs have you written: maybe 16

Where do you sing: I sing at school and where ever my agent says sing lol

Do you play an instrument: yes

How many: 3

What kind: Viola, Violin, piano ( but not as proficient as I’d like in piano)

Do you compose music: I do but not often it’s a lot of work and most times projects call for a product very fast

Other interests: I love the theatre. If I’m not singing arias and Mariah Carey songs , I am on stage acting and singing in musicals.

Any pets: yes, I have a bird names Tamar and a dog Named Blink And a dog named Diamond.

What’s coming up in next 6 months: this album and hopefully a solo project , fingers crossed.

In the next 5 years I plan to: graduate with my BFA in Voice performance, touring and performing all over the world and maybe finding love in a very random place

Any special thoughts: words of wisdom, quitting is never an option, and never let anyone tell you that you are less than perfect because you were made to be any and everything your heart desires.