Jayquan Curtis

About Jayquan

Age: 15

Education/grade: 10

School: Henry Ford Academy

Interested in music since the age of: 3

What kind of music: all kind

Why: because is music is music

Are you in a band: yes

How many songs do you know/play: I know a lot of songs

How many original songs have you written: 3

Where do you sing: Detroit Children’s Choir

Do you play an instrument: Yes

How many: 2

What kind: guitar drums

Do you compose music: no

Other interests: swimming

Any pets: cat

What’s coming up in next 6 months: concert with governors, corporate event. Christmas festival,

holidays Jubilee.

In the next 5 years I plan to: be a music teacher/ vocal coach

Any special thoughts: I love singing because it helps me calm myself make friends easy it is fun to do!